D S Chapman is a performance artist and trans woman based in La Jolla, California, who is invested in the contemporary representation of trans people in art and culture. Her work has been exhibited and screened internationally in museums and artist-run spaces including the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art, RAIZVANGUARDA Associação Cultural, and Altes Finanzamt. Chapman has recently been awarded a publication fellowship through Peripheral Vision Arts, an arts journal based in Dallas, Texas. 



My work as an artist strives to complicate traditional notions of gender and the gendered body. Working across media and performance, my practice raises questions of visibility, legibility, embodiment, and future potentialities for trans people. Oscillating between the autobiographical and the theoretical, I posit myself as an empty signifier of trans femininity in order to elicit an empathetic response in furtherance of familiarizing, as opposed to normalizing, my potential audiences with the intricacies and intimacies of gender and the gendered body.