D S Chapman is a Southern California-based artist who produces interpretations of contemporary trans femininity through performances for the camera and live audiences. Her practice investigates notions of self as subject/object and relations of power through performance, photography, writing, and video. Chapman holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the University of California, San Diego. Her work has been included in exhibitions, screenings, and publications, both nationally and internationally, in venues including the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art (CICA, Korea), RAIZVANGUARDA Associação Cultural (Boidero, Portugal), Altes Finanzamt (Berlin), and CURA. Magazine (Rome).




My work as an artist strives to complicate traditional notions of the gendered body. Creating live and documented performances, my practice raises questions surrounding ideas of legibility and embodiment for trans women. I oscillate between the autobiographical and the theoretical in order to posit myself as an empty signifier, fabricating imagined histories and speculating about potential futures for trans women.